Brad's Putty Patch

This is a patch I have been using for probibly a couple of months now. It allows you to specify custom icons for each window (most importiantly, in the window's toolbar) - and allows you to specify a custom [default, starting] window position. I use this intensley - because each window I bring up is color coded- so the icons on the taskbar let me quickly select which window I want to bring-up. I also make shortcuts to the configurations, so when I launch my 4 windows - they all go to a pre-defined quadrant of the screen. This is done through the normal configuration menu - and saved with the configuration. These options are OFF by default, but can be enabled, per-configuration, by the user. I have seen many requests for these features - and since they don't exist - did it myself. Enjoy!

Download Pre-build Windows Executable

Download the Source Patch File