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Being a big fan of the US Robotics / Palm Computing Pilot electronic organizer, here are some selections in my evergrowing archive of freeware that I have written for it. Enjoy!

wpe10.gif (3243 bytes) Create your own PalmPilot applications with
PDA Toolbox!!


wpeE.gif (883 bytes)PalmFactory Create you very own PalPilot Applications with this graphical Windows application!
wpeE.gif (883 bytes)PalmDraw Powerful line drawing program with PostScript capabilities!
wpeE.gif (883 bytes)SoftGPS Shows you where you are at anytimes - No external hardware needed!
wpeE.gif (883 bytes)PLoNK! Rolls-Forward incomplete To-Do list items
wpeE.gif (883 bytes)TenPin Electronic Bowling scoresheet program
wpeE.gif (883 bytes)Pilot Icon Editor Icon Editor of GCC PalmPilot developers
wpeE.gif (883 bytes)Kingpin Keeps track of your bowling statistics

PalmFactory is now call "PDA Toolbox"

Create your own PalmPilot Programs with this Windows-based graphical utilities! Lay out buttons, tables fields pictures and other objects graphicaly to create multi-formed documents, and even relational databases!

Best of all, its easy to use, and doesnt require any coding!

Click here for the PDA Toolbox home page!


PalmDraw Powerful graphics for the Pilot!

PalmDraw is a comprehensive graphics program for the Pilot. PalmDraw lets you draw lines, text, circles and bezier curves, allowing you to draw anything possible. Full live horizontal and vertical scrolling give you a workspace the size of an 8.5" x 11" paper to work on. Drawings can be exported to Postscript via. the memo pad for use with PC applications. Pilot can be connected directly to a serial Postscript printer to print your drawing directly from the pilot! CTX import and export allows you to import and export your drawing in a cleartext format to/from the memo pad where the can be mailed, copied or otherwise sent to other Pilots.

Click here for the PalmDraw home page.

PLoNK!The To-Do List Assistant/Procrastinator
Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?!

Click here for the all new PLoNK! Page!

Other Titles:


Ten Pin Bowling Scoresheet

If you are an avid bowler like myself, this program is a must for you! It is still under construction now but is an invaluble scoring aide, and will give you a few statistics on your game.

Click here for more on TenPin, or to download.

Icon Editor

Windows-95 Icon Editor for the Pilot

If you write Pilot applications on a PC, particularly with GCC and are frustrated with the poor, or lack of resources to generate icons for your application, you have found what you have been looking for!

Click here for more on Icon Editor, or to download.


Complete Software-Only Global Positioning System

Find your location anywhere in the world with no additional hardware!! Typically accurate to within 30 centimeters.

Actual user testimonials:

Click here to download.

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