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This page is a compendium of information collected over the web from fellow Hornet users. I take credit for almost none of the information, (only the presentation.). I thank the sources listed at the bottom of the page for the content provided. If I have excluded anyone or you have or know of a source of other information, please write and tell me!

I hope this information helps! If it does (or even if it hurts,) please drop me a line and tell me! It's your feedback and input that truly make this site work

New Highlights 

Gyro Survey!

With only 15 results in, the Gyro survey is too close to call, but the trend as of now seems clear. The CSM was generally rated "poor", with a few in the "ok" or "awful" categories. The popular favorite appears to be the GWS (PG-03) which is generally rated "Excellent", with one "good". Stay tuned for more!

Shaft Cracking Poll 

The results are in on our recent mini-poll on Main Shaft Cracking. Check it out!

Hornet Owner's Survey

Survey results are in!

See them here!