Bear and Moose's Photo Gallery

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berxmas2000.jpg (29231 bytes)mustreexmas2000.jpg (117353 bytes) They got these hats for Christmas from my Mother! She made the Santa one herself!
halloween.gif (22907 bytes) Bear and Moose, dressed for Halloween. Bear is a Cowboy, Moose is a ghost. Moose was so excited that no one would ever figure out who he was in his brilliant costume... 
bermuscuzmusxmas2000.jpg (107036 bytes) Bear and Moose with their cousin, Cousin Moose
bigber.jpg (73945 bytes) Bear and Moose's friend, Big Bear. I guess this picture backs up Moose' claim that bears like to steal picnic baskets. He said he saw this happen many times on T.V. - and was pretty sure it "the news".
Manatees.jpg (877724 bytes) Bear and Moose love manatees.
SeaWorld.jpg (394850 bytes) This is Bear and Moose at Sea World.
BearAndPumpkin.JPG (210117 bytes) Bear and his Halloween Pumpkin
Flaminals&CingularMan.JPG (194092 bytes) Bear and Moose with the Cingular Man

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