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Blackberry Pin*
Blackberry PIN*
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*Your Blackberry PIN number can be gotten by going to the "Registration..." menu of the title you wish to register.

After receiving payment, you will be sent an activation code. Go to the "Registration..." menu of the title you are registering, and enter the activation code - your title will now be registered.

Please keep the activation code on file, as if you were to erase the application from your Blackberry and re-install it, you will need to re-enter it to re-register it.

Registration codes are generally immediatley emailed to you. Please be advised that the message will come from some strange email address, so keep an eye out for it - and make sure if you have anti-spam email software that it doesn't think it's spam and discard it!

If you don't get your registration code within a few minutes, or you loose it, you can try going to the Look-up Lost Registration Page to try to find it.

Look-up Lost Registration

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Privacy Policy
I will never ever give your name, address or other info to anyone. I may send you an Email once in a blue-moon if I come up with a new program which runs on your device that you might be interested in, (if I haven't lost your address by then), but that's it.